11.5g Casino Poker Chips Overview

We were playing poker at friends’ house the other day and having a great time. Another friend showed up with a new set of Vegas Casino poker chips that he had just received in the mail after placing his order online. These chips were called 11.5g Landmark Casino Poker Chips and he was telling us that he had them for a very good price. We were in the middle of a tournament, so we didn’t really pay much attention until the end of the tournament and stopped to rest.


When we took our break, we all took a look at the Poker Quality Poker chips and decided to use them in our game. They were well thought out and had the right denominations on the chips, so there was no guessing when we had to bet or pay. When you’re playing poker, it can get confusing if you don’t remember the denominations and are trying to bet on the pot or raise a certain amount. I’m the worst at remembering and usually spend half the game asking how much black chips are worth.


The second tournament was much faster when we started using Landmark Casino’s 11.5g chips sports betting┬ásites, as I didn’t have to interrupt the game to count the pot or ask what the denominations were. As we could see how much each of these casino quality poker chips was worth, regardless of color, it was much easier for me to maintain and get a better feel for the game. It is really important when you are playing to be able to track the money in the pot as the game continues.


The 11.5g of Landmark Casino Poker Chips made it very easy to follow the game and they were beautiful too. The logo was not just adhesive, in fact it was transformed into the chip itself. I don’t know why, but they look really good that way. Those we were playing with had stickers on them and half of the stickers fell off. As a girl, I like the aesthetic appeal they brought to the table. I’m usually the only girl in the game, so it was great to have some chips that were a little more attractive to the eye.


Landmark Casino’s 11.5 g poker chips also felt good in my hands. I liked the weight and was driving the boys crazy, shuffling my chips continuously. I couldn’t help it, they were so smooth when I shuffled them that I was able to shuffle more than I normally could with the other poker chips we used. But, to be fair with the old chips, they didn’t have casino quality, like the 11.5g Landmark Casino Poker Chips. It was the first time that I used Casino Style Chips in a game and I really enjoyed using them. I hope my friend brings them to the next game, so I can play with them more.

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